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I AM Cátia Resende


I’m currently based in Portugal and working worldwide. My goal is to create thoughtful products, deliver high-quality design solutions that create a unique and memorable experience.

Business cards for young lawyer
Visual identity
Advertising & E-mail Marketing
Newsletter concept for Travel Agency
Email Marketing
E-mail Marketing & Landing Pages
Landing page to promote an E-Book
Landing Page
Logo design for trading
Visual identity
Newsletter oils
Email templates [ready to use]
Website concept for a travel agency.
Website for travel agency
Hotel Mobile App
Branding Food & Drinks
Interface for Interactive TV
Interface for Interactive TV
Nonius - Hospitality Technology | Corporate Design
Corporate Branding
Website for hotel platform
Product Website
Interface for Digital Signage

I’m a one-stop-shop for small brands and agencies.

Let’s build something awesome together!

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